God’s Call into the Ministry


The Call: A question that pastors are asked often, especially female pastors is this: “Why did you decide to become a pastor?”  I love that question.  I love to be given the opportunity to answer that question and I think that it is an important one.  Folks probably don’t realize what a blessing that question is to a pastor.  Not only do we get to talk about our life and calling, but most importantly, we get to talk about God.  Maybe you have been wondering why a person might decide to go into the ministry or maybe you are feeling the call, yourself, if so, I invite you to watch a brief video about a little girls’ journey from unbelief to belief.  May God use her modern day story to bless those “who have ears to hear” His call today.

“Thinking of Him” DVD Bible Study (8 Sessions)

by Reverend Paula Behrens available on Amazon.com and Etsy


by Reverend Paula J Behrens (Download Preview)


Thinking of Him (Bible Study DVD)            Thinking of Him (Book)

In her brief, but concisely written and organized book, Thinking of Him, Paula Behrens has done the faith community a great service. In direct, layman terms, free of academic jargon, she has provided both a theological primer and a catechism of what C. S. Lewis has called “mere” Christianity. Though Behrens writes from a Methodist perspective, her book affirms all the key doctrines of the Nicene Creed (Trinity, Incarnation, Atonement, Resurrection) and, as such, should be accepted by all orthodox believers. Some may wish to add to her primer, but there is nothing that can or should be taken away. She is to be commended in particular for her clear treatment of the three persons of the Trinity, her affirmation of the Church and sacraments, and her discussion of justification, sanctification, and prevenient grace—which affirms fully the sovereignty and prerogative of God while not robbing man of true freedom of choice. Both orthodox and accessible, Thinking of Him will help Christians to know what they believe.

Louis Markos, Professor in English and Scholar-in-Residence, Houston Baptist University; author of Apologetics for the 21st Century